And then my adventure came to an end... (English)

13 juni 2017 - Ede, Nederland

Pff I am staring at my screen for like an hour or two to write my last blog.. it's so hard to write, because that means it is actually over. Am i ready for that? NO!! Definetely not.. My sweet friends in Ljubljana made a video with pictures and messages in it and i watched it many times already. But my blog is still empty... well i guess i should start now, but first some Erasmus songs! 

My last weeks flew by! After Italy I just had one month left and even that month is already over.. but what an amazing month!! At the last moment i met so many amazing new people and i had lots of fun. 

The week after Italy there was "Majske Igre", so some days of festivals and activities in the city. We had some epic nights and we laughed a lot! Ofcourse karaoke couldn't miss haha. Even i did it.. The rest of the time i had some great nights out with friends <3 

At a warm day we decided to do a waterfight at the dorms with some of the people here.. because why not right?! It was amazing!!! Eventhough i got a few buckets of water over me thanks to a specific person (you know who)... YANN! Afterwards we had some revenge moments back and forth and it was fun haha.

Ohh a little update: I'm listening to Despasito now, because that's a song i can almost dream by now! 

30th of May there was a ESN goodbye party at Cirkus. It was a great party with so many nice people around!! We danced a lot and after that we walked up to the Castle and watched the sunrise. It was a beautifull moment, that i will never forget!! This was one of the highlights of the last couple of weeks. It was amazing to see Ljubljana light up like that in the morning. 

And yea.. then came the weekend of Erasmus Springbreak! What a weekend... I had so many amazing moments with Aoife. We did a lot of partying and dancing and laughed a lot. Also we met many new people and that was great. We enjoyed the great weather, the cocktails and the partys obviously. It was a perfect way to end my 9 months of adventure. Monday we came back and went to sleep early, cause i was dead...

Then it was Tuesday and that means; Shooters & Beerpong! This time me and Natalia actually played haha. It was fun, but unfortunately we lost pretty fast! But we were good in cheering for the others! 

Wednesday my last day in Ljubljana with everyone... now it's getting real.. I had lunch with Cristina and we spent a big part of the day together. At night we went out with some close friends for dinner at my favorite place ofcourse! haha. And at the end a goodbye party in Dorm 4 with all the people i wanted around me <3! It was an amazing night and a perfect 9 months of memories where i can look back at! The people around me are not just friends, but most of you became my family. I will never forget you and i will definetely see you again! :-) 

Thank you for the most perfect 9 months of my life. I had the hardest goodbye i ever had in my life! i am still trying to adjust here in The Netherlands, but it will never be the same! I'm an international person, not Dutch.. we'll see how long i will stay in this tiny boring country! 

Here is the cliché: This is not a goodbye, this is a 'see you later'! 

Butterfly kissis to all the special people in my life (you know the meaning) 

Last dinner <3Zrcé beach!

DORM 4!! <3Erasmus springbreak!